Moulded Fibreglass Grating

Also known as GRP Grating, FRP Grating & Composite Grating

Fibreglass Grating

Moulded Fibreglass Grating, also known as GRP Grating, FRP Grating, Composite Grating - is ideal when you require a product which is highly resistant to corrosive environments, fire retardant, non-conductive, light weight, low maintenance, cost effective and architecturally attractive.

It is also easily cut on site to fit and has a substantial weight advantage over traditional steel products.

Fibreglass Grating

Fibreglass Grating Uses

  • Offshore (Ships, barges)
  • Walkways & platforms
  • Industrial areas
  • Structural components
  • Chemical Environments
  • Engineering – Pump Stations etc.
  • GRP Grating for Hazardous Areas
  • Any flooring application
  • Decking Areas – Non slip
  • Stair treads
  • Trench & Gully Covers
Fibreglass Grating

Standard Panel Sizes of Fibreglass Grating

  • 1000 x 2440 (25, 30 & 38mm thickness)
  • 1220 x 2440 (25, 30 & 38mm thickness)
  • 1220 x 3660 (38mm thickness)
Fibreglass Grating sizes

Available Standard Resin Systems

  • Isophthalic Polyester ( Industrial Grade Corrosion & Fire Retardant)
    Colours: Green & Grey (Standard)
  • Vinyl Ester (Superior Corrosion Resistance & Fire Retardant)
    Colours: Yellow/Orange/Red (Standard)

Please note that we can supply according to your requirements in terms of:

  • Colour: Any colour available on request (see colour chart)
  • Size: We can manufacture and supply according to the desired size and thus reduce wastage on larger projects.
Fibreglass Grating Standard Resin Systems