Moulded Fibreglass Grating

Also known as GRP Grating, FRP Grating & Composite Grating

Key Benefits of Fibreglass Grating

Fire Resistant

Fibreglass grating has been internationally tested and has achieved a class 1 flame spread rating or less. Our entire range of gratings is fire resistant.

Chemical Resistant

Fibreglass products are corrosion resistant over a wide pH range both acidic and caustic. This corrosion resistance is achieved by the use of premium grade Isophthalic polyester and Vinyl-ester resins. Chemical resistance data is available upon request.

Slip Resistant

The slip resistant feature of fibreglass grating is created during the moulding process when the top surface naturally shrinks back to create a concave effect surface. This provides positive traction over a wide range of environmental conditions such as wet or oily surfaces. A hard wearing quartz grit is then added for heavy duty applications, providing an extended life and superior anti-slip properties.

Moulded Fibreglass Grating

Impact Resistant

Fibreglass grating allows repeated deflection without causing permanent damage or deformation. Deflection will occur with the impact of a heavy object. However, once the object is removed, Fibreglass grating will return to its original shape and position, unlike metallic grating, which will remain deformed. This eliminates the need for costly replacement gratings. A copy of our grating deflection data is available upon request.

High Strength

Fibreglass grating has superior strength and load bearing capabilities due to the high glass to resin ratio. With a tensile strength higher (kilo per kilo) than steel, moulded fibreglass products are the ideal solution for many safety and access problems.


Very durable over the long term which includes a maintenance free application reducing life cycle costs dramatically. Does not need to be re galvanized, re coated / painted, etc

Non Conductivity

Eliminates electrical / thermal hazards associated with steel related products. Also Non Magnetic.

Easy Installation

Unlike pre manufactured (tailored to size) galvanized steel or stainless steel grating there are no lengthy waiting periods as standard stock can be cut on site without any additional pre or post prep work. Simple tools (Angle grinder) are required. It is substantially lighter than steel gratings and much easier to install with less people in a quicker time. It spans both ways, meaning the bearer bars can carry loads in both directions, unlike steel grating, so the wastage cutting from stock is substantially reduced.

Low/No theft value

As our Fibregrate has NO scrap value, it does not get stolen and sold for value (such as metal gratings)

Cost Effective

Corrosion and chemically resistant Fibreglass Grating costs substantially less than Stainless Steel Floor Grating and similar to the direct cost of galvanized grating in standard panels. This excludes costs to alter on site, banding & galvanized costs, etc